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MBA Program Spotlight: Faith Based Schools


If we think back to Enron, Bernie Madoff, subprime mortgages, and even all the way back to robber barons and war time profiteering, it is clear there is a need for ethics classes in business school. But religion? Unlike some countries that have official state religions or operate under religious law, the United States is legally a secular society. Regardless, as a savvy business person, you are aware that you will be dealing with people from a variety of backgrounds who may have religious guidelines that influence their business decisions. And you don’t have to travel out of the United States to find yourself in that situation. In fact, that person may be you. If religion plays a strong role in your life, you may wish to attend a business school that is guided by religious principles. Here are a few great options.


University of Notre Dame – Mendoza

What’s so great about this school?  Despite certain well-publicized scandals perpetuated by the undergraduate population of this university, the business school students live by high moral codes. The Financial Times gave the MBA program a #1 ranking for Corporate Social Responsibility and Businessweek gave it a #1 ranking for Ethics. The ethics department offers courses in Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace and Values-Based Multinational Management, as well as instruction in working with people from different religious backgrounds in many other ethics courses. Two year MBA students can select from a wide variety of concentrations and a one year accelerated program is also available for qualified students.

School Type: Private

Median GMAT Score: 710

Average Incoming GPA: 3.31

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 24%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 1:1

Average Student Age: 27


Baylor University – Hankamer School of Business

What’s so great about this school? Students at Baylor have a strong commitment to community. They participate in prison outreach programs and sustainability initiatives in the Waco area, and the program has been recognized by the Aspen Institute for its focus on environmental stewardship. The full-time MBA program specializes in health care and entrepreneurship, and is specifically designed for younger students, typically with about 2 years of work experience. All classes place a Christian perspective on business leadership and potential students who can demonstrate exemplary Christian character, conduct, and commitment are eligible for scholarships.

School Type: Private

Median GMAT Score: 628

Average Incoming GPA: 3.31

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 39%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 2:1

Average Student Age: 26


Seton Hall – Stillman School of Business


What’s so great about this school? Seton Hall is a Catholic university that prides itself on fostering sound judgment, personal decency, and intellectual integrity in all students. Most Seton Hall MBA students are pursuing their degrees while working full time and those with a lot of managerial experience can even apply for a GMAT waiver. The program is only 18 months long but is still fully AACSB accredited, and it offers specialties such as Information Technology Management, International Business, and Sport Management.

School Type: Private

Median GMAT Score: 500

Average Incoming GPA: 3.0

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 85%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 21:1

Average Student Age: 29



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