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The schedule is AMAZING and I highly recommend this book for this reason.

– 114Chelsea, Amazon Kindle Reader

Great tips, helpful organizing, and processing the important things as it relates to the test.

– Amazon reader

Very good for the busy bee who wants to attain a good score with GMAT

– Amazon Kindle reader

…great way to start to organize your own study form. It also gives a great breakdown of things included in each section of the exam, which is extremely beneficial.

– Jeremy A., Amazon

…definitely recommend it to anyone who needs guidance on how to tackle the GMAT.

– Aimee M., Amazon

I strongly recommend this book so that you can have a study guide considering organization and time.

– Tony N., Amazon

The perfect GMAT companion.

– Marryam, Amazon

Perfect book for a busy woman to cope with GMAT!

– Tatiana S., Amazon

This book gives amazing guidance as to how to study for the GMAT!!

My score increased from a 690 to a 780!! Many GMAT courses focus on volume and try to systematically cover every topic (even ones you don’t really need help on) in several class sessions. After taking an online course myself, I do not think that this is an effective way to increase your score.

Brandon Wu’s strategy is one of efficient and effective studying. His day by day schedule is catered toward your strengths and weaknesses, so you don’t spend the same amount of time on areas you are good at as on those that you need a lot of work on. Studying for the GMAT is all about strategy, and, as Brandon says, the GMAT really is a test that you can cram for if you are willing to stay focused. Just as important as staying focused, is taking time to relax and calm down. This is something that a lot of people take for granted. I found Brandon’s advice on taking study breaks to maximize your efficiency very helpful. Two hours of intense studying is much better than 5 hours of cursory studying.

To reiterate, this book did wonders for me, and I am confident that anyone can achieve an incredible score with Brandon’s advice.

– Grete


Very conversational and down-to-earth.  Cuts through the BS and is written in a way that is very accessible to the reader.

– Chau


This books is worth the money just for the Data Sufficiency advice that Brandon gives you. Data Sufficiency has to be the most hated section on the GMAT, but after reading through this section in the book and practicing Brandon’s strategy I have greatly improved. I’m talking I have gone from a Data Sufficiency zero to hero. This book gives you the strategies you will need to get a great score on the GMAT. That is the difference between this book and many other GMAT books available. His study plan can be complicated, but the real gold is the strategies that are found in this book.

– Bob Yasatovich


I really like the easy-to-read, accessible writing style that has a nice balance of humor and content. The Study Schedule section has been particularly helpful for me and got me organized at the outset. By dividing my strengths and weaknesses into the four groups, I was able to hone in on the sections I need the most work on (quant.). So thank you!!

– Jackie


Great book to form a road-map to GMAT success. This is the book I wish I had before I took my GMAT and went to business school. I didn’t start preparing for GMAT until 3 weeks before my 1st test date. I was overwhelmed with way too many test prep materials – Kaplan, Princeton Review, GMAT official guide, and tons of practice questions online. I started cramming aimlessly, hoping that “practices makes perfect”. I ended up scoring in the mid 600s, not enough to get into the schools I set my mind on. Learning from the mistakes, I was able to raise my score about 15% in about 30 days. After given the book to review, I can’t help but to think if I applied the techniques and principles explained in the book, I could have raised my score even more (or avoid taking it twice)!

My take on the book:

* Perfect tool to form a “road-map.” Instead of dumping the questions and techniques on you, this book spends the majority of the first part walking you through how to best prepare for GMAT. The breakdown of groups to focus on is brilliant. The plan is very flexible so it can tailor to each individuals’ need, and it is also well-structured so you can follow the plan instead of wasting energy thinking on what to study.

* 100% agree on the 5 GMAT success principles. As a past test taker, I can attest to how important it is to keep these principles in mind. The author got it right in saying that “GMAT correct overrides common-sense.”

* Great companion to other, more test-bank-like resources. Test questions are good, but too many of them can be overwhelming. The book helps you to make best use of other resources to effectively and efficiently improve your score.

* A refreshing angle. Based on the author’s experiences and point of view, the book provides a refreshing voice in a sea of stoic test-preparation materials. Using the book is akin to getting a peek at what went on in the author’s head. There is a section about “Mind and Body,”; there are stories and tips and tricks. Going through the book will serve as a welcomed change in the grind of answering GMAT questions.

Comparing to books from other well-known publishers, one unique thing about this book is you can probably contact the author very easily. Seeing that the author maintains a well-run blog about GMAT with weekly “Top 5 GMAT MBA articles” (30daygmatsuccess.com), I imagine you can ask the author questions about specific things you read on the book. Which other book will allow you to do that?

Unlike some other standardized tests, GMAT is really a test you can study and cram for – in short amount of time, you can dramatically improve your score if study correctly. This book is a great tool to achieve the score you want.

– TanJohn


The length is manageable and not overwhelming.  I kept the book with me constantly, either in my car or in my bag.

The style is very personal and familiar.  I felt like a friend was teaching me and liked the personal touches like relating averages to baseball.

The book is easy to follow which I found to be comforting.  I put off studying because I was intimidated by it.  I enjoyed reading the personal story in the introduction which eased my anxiety.  I used the book as a guide and liked that it lays out the study plan, what to do, how to approach your strengths and weaknesses, and how to stay on track then breaks down the different subjects and problems you’ll tackle.

I did like that I was only using two books to study, it was easy to manage and carry them with me and I didn’t feel overburdened.

The size is perfect. It is not at all burdensome and was a helpful reminder to keep studying.  Even if I didn’t have the GMAC book I could review whenever I had some downtime.

– Caroline


The study schedule that Brandon lays out was a great help in setting my priorities during studying and in not feeling too burnt out by exam day. Having a plan written out for each day really helped me to focus and discipline myself to keep studying.

Chapters on the different sections / question types of the GMAT provided good tips on how to approach these questions.

I found 30 Day GMAT Success to be a great supplement to the GMAC-published Official Guides and I would definitely recommend it to others.

– JM


I’m very impressed and my confidence is definitely growing the more I read/absorb.  The planning material is great and very focused, and the method that Brandon outlined for developing a study schedule would never have occurred to me.  The reference/strategy section is awesome.  For me especially, I’ve forgotten so much math, that w/o the techniques and strategies in the book, I would never be able to finish that section.

I think the book is solid and would totally recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of taking the GMAT.

– Fil


A Systematic and Structured approach to the GMAT. I personally feel that Gmat is not purely about smarts but a mix of time management, smart preparation & intelligence. This book acknowledges all the three aspects & approaches the preparation in a very structured & simple fashion.I highly recommend the book to anyone preparing for GMAT.

– Apoorva


Wonder technical study guide. I was sent a proof copy of this book for review back in the latter half of February. Although I was unable to stay on track do to the March earthquake here in Japan, what I have been able to get through has been wonderful. This book makes a very handy companion to the official study guides and really helps build up your *GMAT correct* skills.

It provides structured, technical guidance on how to correctly answer GMAT questions in the least amount of time possible as well as a structured study plan to improve your test-taking skills.

Used in conjunction with the official study guides and practice software, anyone should be able to attain their desired score. I highly recommend this book to anyone regardless of when you plan to take the actual test.

– thatguyfil


A Great Book for The GMAT. This book provides a very structured studying plan separated into three major areas (10 days each) – understanding the GMAT logic, improving your skills, and putting everything together with time management and tips for the test day.

A scientific approach to studying for the GMAT without the BS, such as the 80/20 rule, efficiently utilizing your time and energy and focusing on how to attain the most important knowledge without trying to memorize everything.

It’s a smart book which offers a study plan to strengthen your weaknesses and helps you tackle the test. I also liked the personal tone of the book, and the practical little tips along the way.

My only problem with the book is that if this method would be optimized for readers whose first language is not English since they might not follow the method entirely on schedule. Maybe an extended 2~3 months plan designed for English non-native speakers is a good idea. Nonetheless, no matter if you are planning to study for one month or three, this is a book I’d recommend for the last 30 days before the test.

– Woody Yeh


Unlike other GMAT books that start off with questions and analysis, the author first presents a detailed 30-day study plan – a plan that helps you gradually improve your GMAT skills while keeping you calm. There is helpful advice throughout the book to remind test-takers of the most important tips while maintaining a sense of urgency to study smart.

Adjusting yourself to”GMAT Mode” is not an easy task, and it requires strong persistency. This will depend on you, but the book tries to keep you motivated with the author’s personal experience, and a section focused entirely on health and motivation for test takers.

There are also verbal and math sections analyzing different types of questions you might find on the test. The math section, which lists out all question types on the test, is especially helpful for people who need extra help with math.

I found this book an interesting and practical GMAT tool book and motivational book. You will find yourself wanting to keep reading once you start! I recommend this book to people with a dream to go to business school but without all the time in the world

– Daphne


This is a very practical and useful guide for anyone who needs to take the GMAT and get it done with a minimum of fuss.

It gives you the best way to QUICKLY study and prepare for the exam so you can pass and get on with your life.

This guide is perfect for people that are busy (like all of us) and don’t know where to start. First, the author covers how to sign up for the exam, and what you can expect when you take it.

– Christy


The author genuinely understands the test and how it’s written, and he’s generous with useful tips and insights. …definitely a key part of the arsenal to kill the GMAT.

– Seattle Test Prep Company reviewer