Whether you should retake the GMAT or not is a very personal decision. If you are still questioning whether to re-take, perhaps the article I have included a link to below might give you some pointers as to whether or not your own situation warrants a second, (or third, fourth) chance.

Should I retake the GMAT?

If you do decide that re-taking is for you, see here how ’30 Day GMAT Success’ can assist you in your studies.

How To Prepare Efficiently For Your GMAT Retake

Since time is precious, here is the article in summary;

• ‘30 Day GMAT Success’ can be used for the purpose of helping you figure out where you went wrong in your last attempt, and help you decide what you can do about it in your next attempt.
• A new study strategy might make the difference in securing those extra points you are longing for.
• It is important not to repeat the mistakes of your last study preparations, and whatever did not work for you can be improved upon with a structured study plan such as that found in the book. Perhaps a customized plan was exactly what you were lacking in your previous attempt.
• You will only be introduced to a few, and the best, techniques that are needed- not a ton to confuse and unnerve you on test day.
• ‘30 Day GMAT Success’ will teach you how to stay mentally focused and physically prepared for your big test day.

The first time was just a practice, right?

30 Day GMAT Success

Find Out How To Efficiently Study to Take the GMAT Again