Founder of Studio Pepwuper and co-founder of 30 Day Books, Brandon Wu is an entrepreneur who believes that everything is possible. Failing the SAT in high school did not stop him from getting into the university of his dreams. After two transfers and countless hours of hard work he eventually graduated from University of California, Berkeley, with an Economics degree.

After university Brandon enjoyed spending most of his energy in the high-tech industry working with passionate artists and intelligent engineers. However, in the cold San Francisco February of 2005, he decided to leave and pursue new opportunities in the world of business just one month before the deadline for all the business schools he wanted to apply. With so much to study for the GMAT, and not much time, he developed a unique way to study that enabled him to score 780 (99 percentile) on the GMAT within a short amount of time. He received his MBA from Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California with a scholarship.

(Sony Website)

After business school, Brandon worked as a Global Business Manager in the strategy division at the Sony headquarters in Tokyo where he spent much of his time with top executives from all over the world incubating new ideas and analyzing existing businesses. While at Sony Brandon was featured on Sony’s global website as a success story of Sony’s MBA Program. 30 DAY GMAT SUCCESS was written during these years in Japan. Everyday after work, Brandon would find a quiet coffee shop, and write down the journey he took while preparing for the GMAT hoping that his experience would one day benefit others who are in the similar dire situation he once was with just one month left to prepare for the GMAT.

Brandon left Sony in 2010 to follow his entrepreneurial heart and start two businesses. He now lives in the beautiful Cambridge, England with his amazing wife. He blogs at

Find Brandon on Twitter @theBrandonWu and Linkedin