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30 Day GMAT Success

How I Scored 780 on the GMAT with 30 Days of Studying

One month. Four weeks. 30 days.

Many people think months, even years, are necessary to study for the GMAT. While there is no harm in taking your time studying for the test, let’s face it – sometimes life doesn’t allow us the luxury of time.

In my case, I had 30 days to study and I scored a 780 out of 800, the 99th percentile.

And you can, too.

I wrote 30 Day GMAT Success to help students ace their GMAT. Over the years, I’ve heard so many students tell me they feel lost, confused and overwhelmed when preparing for the GMAT.  My experience taught me it’s not what you study, but how you study and I’d like to share those methods with you.

My score increased from a 690 to a 780!! ... this book did wonders for me — Grete

Bestselling GMAT Prep Book Just Got BETTER

Edition 2 of 30 Day GMAT Success was a bestseller on Amazon and was published by Business Weekly Publications to bookstores in Asia. We listened to your feedback and professional reviews to make 30 Day GMAT Success even better with the New Edition — #3!

New Added Features for Edition 3:

  • Added Integrated Reasoning section for the latest GMAT tests
  • Expanded Verbal and Math sections to include even more detailed advice.
  • More of Brandon’s Tips peppered throughout — personal advice that the author used himself on test day.
  • An easy-reference Math terminology section.
  • The Idiom cheat-sheet Brandon studied from.
  • Even more Verbal and Math practice questions to consolidate your understanding. Plus reference to similar types of questions on the Official Guide 13th edition for further studying.
  • More than 100 pages of new content compared to the 2nd edition and twice as much compared to the 1st edition — better and better every year!

30 Day GMAT Success Edition 3

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While I don’t advocate that everyone allocates only a month to study, I want to assure you that it IS possible to get a great score with just 30 days of preparation. You will have to commit yourself to the test preparation 100% and study hard. Nothing replaces hard work.

How 30 Day GMAT Success Can Work for You

There are two primary reasons why most people do NOT score in the 99th percentile.

  1. They fail to plan. If they follow a study plan of any kind, it is a generic one and is not customizable to their unique strengths and weaknesses.

  2. They are learning too many techniques, over-studying the wrong parts of the test, not concentrating n the most effective techniques and therefore overlooking the simplest route to getting a top GMAT score.

Don’t let this be you.

I have poured all of my GMAT knowledge, shared my best tips and techniques, given you all of my advice and offered up my customizable study plan for you in these 382 pages. This is not a book full of practice questions (I leave that up to the experts at GMAC in the Official Guide – the other material I strongly recommend using in your preparations).

Instead, 30 Day GMAT Success is 382 pages of study guidance and techniques for each section of the test that will get you where you need to be in 30 days.

In this book, you will find:

  • Comprehensive information on all sections of the test, avoiding any nasty surprises.
  • The one thing that will put you ahead of your fellow test-takers: a YOU-centric study plan customizable to YOUR strengths and weaknesses.
  • Detailed explanations on the score-improving strategies that work, instead of a plethora of techniques that result in counter-productivity.
  • Tried and tested time-management tips to avoid running out of time on the test, instantly improving your chance of success.

After reading this book you will:

  • Improve your confidence by knowing that you have covered all that needs to be studied and have left no rocks unturned.
  • Receive daily guidance on how and what to study.
  • Learn why a simple notebook is THE most effective tool in your GMAT arsenal (really).
  • Help eliminate the problem of losing points by leaving uncertain questions unanswered – an easy fix.
  • Clearly understand the difference between the “GMAT correct” and “common-sense correct” – crucial for doing well on the verbal section.
The study schedule that Brandon lays out was a great help in setting my priorities during studying and in not feeling too burnt out by exam day. [It] really helped me to focus and discipline myself to keep studying – JM

Here’s my story…

In December, 2004, I was admitted into a master’s program in Software Development Management. I decided to take a vacation in January, 2005 before I started the program. The trip totally changed my mind about what I wanted to be in the future. Long story short – business school seemed a much better fit for me. I decided to apply for MBA programs when I returned to the U.S. in February, 2005. Here’s where it gets interesting: The deadline for taking the GMAT was in the first week of March, 2005… leaving me only 30 days to study for the test if I wanted to apply that year.

I had never taken the GMAT or the GRE and I had no knowledge about the test, whatsoever.

I considered sign up GMAT prep school, but the cost was way out of my budget. So was hiring a private tutor. I felt frustrated thinking that only those with a lot of money could do well on the test. To me, that seems like a test of wealth, not intelligence.

Undeterred, I came up with an action study plan. A plan that would help me score above 650 within 30 days so I could get into the business school I wanted.

It worked fantastically.

Like most people, I am not a genius. I have a poor track record on standardized tests (my SAT score was only slightly above 420!). Oh yeah… English isn’t even my native language.

And yet, it was the WAY I studied for the test that enabled me to score much higher than the 650 I originally set out to get.

Lesson learned: It’s about how you study, not _what _you study.

…lays out the study plan, what to do, how to approach your strengths and weaknesses, and how to stay on track. – Caroline
Cuts through the BS and is written in a way that is very accessible to the reader. – Chau

Helping Others Afford GMAT Prep

I scored in the 99th percentile, 780, on the GMAT the first time I took the test after only a month of studying. After countless people asked how I did it, I was inspired to write 30 Day GMAT Success. You can find out more about why I wrote the GMAT prep book.

I realized while students had a pretty good idea of what the GMAT is and despite having plenty of information and study aids at their fingertips, they were still struggling. In fact, they way they were preparing for the test wasn’t working for them at all – it was counterproductive.

As I began sharing my study techniques, I found people willing to pay me more than $100 for an hour of lessons, making me an unintentional GMAT tutor.

I don’t want to charge $100+/hour. Since I couldn’t afford to pay this for a tutor myself, it would be hypocritical of me to charge this rate for other students. So, I had the idea to get it all down on paper, and the book was born. (The list price of the book is $35, with discounts available at retailers such as Amazon)

Start the 30 day challenge today and you’ll be done with the GMAT next month. Sounds great doesn’t it?!

… a great supplement to the GMAC-published Official Guides and I would definitely recommend it to others. – Jackie
No matter if you are planning to study for one month or three, this is a book I’d recommend for the last 30 days before the test.”- Woody

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Best of Luck on the Test!

Brandon Wu
Previously a strategist at Sony and a developer at EA, Brandon is the founder of Studio Pepwuper and co-founder of 30 Day Books who loves design, music, and games. He’s also a bestselling author on Amazon and an avid violin player. (more about Brandon)

Brandon is an MBA from USC and holds an Economics degree from UC Berkeley.

30 Day GMAT Success Edition 3

Special offers available TODAY! (limited supply)