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MBA Program Spotlight: Supply Chain Management


While Supply Chain Management might not seem like the most glamorous of business professions to pursue, it certain is a wise one. Within this discipline, there are many tracks that are open to the MBA graduate. Supply chain management includes demand forecasting, order management, technological systems integration, warehousing, distribution, and procurement. And supplier management, of course! No business with physical goods can survive without a good supply chain manager, and the importance of this role is increasingly becoming recognized to the point that supply chain managers are earning a place at the very top of their companies. So why not look into the possibilities at the great schools listed below? Who knows—you just might end up with a capital C and a capital O in your job title sooner than you expected.


Washington University in St. Louis – Olin Business School 

What’s so great about this school?  Professors at the Olin Business School see Operations and Supply Chain Management not only as a concentration that will lead to opportunities with industry leaders, but also as a great option for those who are interested in a consulting career. Companies looking to expand operations globally or implement new technology into their supply chains will pay top dollar for someone with supply chain expertise, and Washington University in St. Louis is the place to gain that expertise. Students can elect to follow the Strategic Consulting Platform in conjunction with the Operations and Supply Chain Management platform. In these platforms, students take an industry seminar course that puts them in contact with seasoned professionals and gives them experiential learning opportunities. Additionally, students who decide that an MBA isn’t quite the right fit for them can earn a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management instead.

School Type: Private

Median GMAT Score: 698

Average Incoming GPA: 3.4

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 34%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 4:1

Average Student Age: 27



Syracuse University – Whitman



What’s so great about this school? The Syracuse University Supply Chain management program has been consistently rated in the top twenty such programs by more than 8 different MBA ratings organizations. It even received the number one rating by AMR Research—the leading firm in its sector focused on global supply chain best practices and all supporting technologies—in 2009. Syracuse University is also home to the nation’s first supply chain program, established in 1919, and has an excellent track record of job placement success for graduates. Within the program there are six distinct paths of study, so students can find the perfect match for their skill set and interests.

School Type: Private

Median GMAT Score: 627

Average Incoming GPA: 3.5

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 41%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 1:1

Average Student Age: 25



California State University – East Bay



What’s so great about this school? California State East Bay offers lots of flexibility for adult learners, including proficiency requirement waivers, and it has an excellent reputation in the San Francisco Bay area. The number of required electives to pursue a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management Option is minimal, so students can also take electives in Information Technology Management, a field that is closely aligned with Supply Chain Management, to increase their marketability. In addition, California State East Bay is less than half the cost of other MBA programs, so it is a great option for those who may not otherwise have the resources to obtain an MBA.

School Type: Public

Median GMAT Score: 553

Average Incoming GPA: 3.1

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 46%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 5:1

Average Student Age: 28



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