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Weekly Top 5 GMAT MBA Articles

September 21, 2012

Too many articles and not enough time? Top 5 GMAT / MBA articles this week, hand-picked by the team here at 30 Day GMAT Success, and delivered directly to your inbox.

1GMAT Sentence Correction: A Can-Do Attitude
Direct and concise is always better than extra-wordy on the GMAT. Stick to simple language and short sentences. Unnecessarily stretching a sentence makes your point less emphatic. If you have something to say, just say it!
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2Monday Morning Essay Tip: Own Your Goals
Knowing why you want to get into a specific MBA program helps in convincing the adcom that you are a good candidate and would do your best to excel. If you can easily substitute another job title into your career goals (“In the short term, when I graduate from Wharton, I want to become a Consultant | Investment Banking Associate. After three years, I will be promoted to VP and then in the long term, I will become a Managing Director.”), you know you have a serious problem on your hands and will need to put more work into your essay.
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3GMAT Arithmetic Shortcuts: Divide before you multiply**
** Time management is perhaps the biggest challenge of the GMAT. Small tips and tricks can go a long way in taking off the burden. Reducing fractions and ratios to their simplest form before multiplying will save you mountains of work on test day.
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4UC Berkeley’s Haas School Rolls Out New Fall Courses on Social Networks, Social Finance, Women in Business**
** Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, these are all household names. From teenagers to professionals everyone is using social media and it has almost become an addiction. Businesses, especially SMEs, swear by the marketing prowess of Facebook. Also, more and more women are entering business. Haas has taken an important step in recognizing these areas and introducing new courses.
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5Three Critical Steps to Revising an Admissions Essay**
** Never hand in an essay that is no more than a glorified draft. Here are three golden rules to follow for essay success. On Screen, On Paper and then Read Aloud.
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