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If you’ve been following the drama (once again!) in the NHL between the players and the owners, you likely are well aware of the need for good MBAs in the sports industry. Sports management is a relatively new field, but with the revenue sharing, complicated player contracts, expansive league rules, and yes, bad boy behavior from time to time, the industry is in need of real management professionals, not former football players who have suffered many head injuries, to be in charge of the business side. So if you love sports but completely lack hand-eye coordination or just can’t run fast enough, the possibilities for you to get involved with the game are expanding. And you don’t have to lose a tooth in the process.



University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Isenberg School of Management


What’s so great about this school? This program gives you the opportunity to earn two degrees in two years, a traditional MBA and an MS in Sports Management. So just in case you should decide that sports management isn’t quite right for you once you get out in the real world, you won’t find yourself pigeonholed into a certain specialization. And as a special note to all you female sports fans, the Isenberg MBA was ranked third best in the country for providing opportunities for women.

School Type: Public

Median GMAT Score: 640

Average Incoming GPA: 3.40

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 35%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 20 to 1

Average Student Age: 32



San Diego State University


What’s so great about this school? What’s so great? Well how about a six-month, full-time consulting project with a sports organization? This is no ordinary internship. This is an opportunity tailored to fit your interest in sports management and can be completed outside San Diego to ensure that you find the right organization for your goals. In addition, you can follow almost any traditional business track (marketing, organizational behavior, statistics, business law, operations, or financial management) but learn with sports-oriented case studies and guest lecturers from the industry.

School Type: Public

Median GMAT Score: 600

Average Incoming GPA: 3.30

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 59%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 3 to 1

Average Student Age: 27



Ohio University


What’s so great about this school? Ohio University was the first in the country to establish a sports management program and today the university offers several different programs including a combination MBA/MSA, or just an MSA for those who already hold an MBA or other graduate degree but are seeking additional qualifications to give them an entry into sports management. More than 85 percent of graduates have found employment in the sports industry, which is a fantastic success rate for an industry that has only formally existed for a quarter century. Each student works with a dedicated alumni and faculty mentor to ensure the best educational opportunity possible.

School Type: Public

Median GMAT Score: 562

Average Incoming GPA: 3.30

Percent of Applicants Accepted: 32%

Student to Faculty Ratio: 2 to 1

Average Student Age: 25


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