Weekly Top 5 GMAT MBA Articles October 06, 2012

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Weekly Top 5 GMAT MBA Articles

October 06, 2012

Too many articles and not enough time? Top 5 GMAT / MBA articles this week, hand-picked by the team here at 30 Day GMAT Success, and delivered directly to your inbox.

1 Mission Admission: Controlling Your Online Presence
Social Media can be a minefield of potential triumphs and embarrassments, so be careful what you put out there on Facebook and the like. Although MBA admissions committees probably have better things to do than to sift through your vacation photos, you can never truly know whether an alumnus/alumna or a student interviewer has taken a few moments to find out more about you online. Does your online persona represent the true you?
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2 4 Ways You Should NOT Use the MBA Rankings
There is a lot more to MBA ranking than what you read on U.S News, and by blinding yourself to the rankings’ flaws you could end up making a costly and time-consuming mistake: choosing the wrong MBA program. Don’t replace good B-school research with simple rankings to determine where you should apply or attend.
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3 Admissions Deans at Top Business Schools Caution Prospective Applicants Against Buying Essays**
** Would you purchase winning application essays before filling out your MBA forms? Is there a moral difference between this and hiring an MBA admissions consultant for an hour?
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4 Univ. of Houston: What is a good GMAT score to get into University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business?**
** 88% of full-time Bauer graduates were employed three months after graduation with an average starting salary of $58,789. If you are considering studying at Bauer, have a look at these quick facts.
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5 Twin Passages – For Practicing Your RC Main Point Skills**
** “The idea behind this exercise is to show that two different passages written on the same subject matter can have two different main points.”
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