Top 5 GMAT MBA Must-Read Articles, Week of Feb 17, 2012

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Top 5 GMAT MBA Articles

Week of Feb 17, 2012

Too many articles and not enough time? Top 5 GMAT / MBA articles this week, hand-picked by the team here at 30 Day GMAT Success, and delivered directly to your inbox.

1. More Students Looking to Enter Business School at a Younger Age According to a new trend report released by the GMAC, the number of GMAT-takers under the age of 25 has gone up during the last few years, as more younger applicants are now trying to get admission in business school.

2. Problems with Application Essays While writing your application essay, try to present your goal in a way that will interest the reader and portray you as an ambitious person.

3. GMAT Critical Reasoning: Words You Need to Know Master the meanings of vocabulary words like “posit” and “corroborate” that often appear in the Critical Reasoning section of the GMAT.

4. When Your Interview is on Skype Various business schools are using Skype to conduct interviews with candidates. Here are some tips to help you prepare for video interviews.

5. GMAT AWA Argument Essay: Types of Fallacious Reasoning Understand the major categories of flaws in reasoning and learn how to spot them so that you can tackle the Analytical Writing Assessment section of the GMAT.