Top 5 GMAT MBA Must-Read Articles of the Week (Apr 21, 2012)

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Weekly Top 5 GMAT MBA Articles

Apr 21, 2012

Too many articles and not enough time? Top 5 GMAT / MBA articles this week, hand-picked by the team here at 30 Day GMAT Success, and delivered directly to your inbox.

1. GMAT Data Sufficiency Problem: A Tricky Trap to Avoid

Data Sufficiency problems can have hidden traps which can make you pick the wrong answer, so be vigilant while assessing the given statements.

2. MBA Admissions A-Z: M is for Motivation

Your application essay should not only have a story element, but it should also analyze the anecdote and convey your motivations.

3. Blundering through Calculations

Memorizing multiplication tables as well as squares, cubes, factorials, and powers of numbers can help you solve GMAT math questions more quickly.

4. Chasing Superman: Change In Distance As Work On The GMAT

Learn how to solve tricky problems involving moving objects that could appear in the GMAT math section.

5. DOs and DON’Ts while writing your MBA resume

To create an impressive resume, be concise, use simple language, quantify your accomplishments if possible, proofread your work, and ask someone to review your resume before submission.

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