Searching For GMAT Motivation

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Upgrading the motivational operating system: A conversation with Daniel Pink

One of the best ways to generate intrinsic motivation is through habits and routines. The more we are in the practice of doing something and are accountable to ourselves, the more driven to action we become. Start by scheduling a certain number of hours per week (my suggestion would be a minimum of one hour per day) that you set aside to study. Make this a non-negotiable, uninterrupted appointment with yourself and your dreams. If you miss an appointment with yourself, make sure to make up the time. Breaking our word with ourselves triggers internal feelings of self betrayal and sucks the life out of motivation.

And start today!

Are you lacking the motivation to study the GMAT? A student who’s been studying the GMAT for 6 years asked for in this article and Christine Hassler answered the question, how to get motivated to take the GMAT! If the GMAT has also stopped you from going to business school for years, check out this excellent article.

Christine Hassler: Searching For Motivation (For GMAT Students)