30 Day GMAT Success Edition 330 Day GMAT Success Edition 3: How I Scored 780 on the GMAT in 30 Days and How You Can Too! (Ebook Edition) Price: $19.97

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Brandon Wu’s GMAT Success Story – as seen on the Graduate Schools Magazine front page feature “The Perfect Time to Take Your Graduate Test” (fall 2010 issue).

Comments from actual readers of “30 Day GMAT Success”:

  • “Cuts through the BS and is written in a way that is very accessible to the reader.” – Chau
  • “… eased my anxiety. I used the book as a guide and liked that it lays out the study plan, what to do, how to approach your strengths and weaknesses, and how to stay on track then breaks down the different subjects and problems you’ll tackle.” – Caroline
  • “… a great help in setting my priorities during studying and in not feeling too burnt out by exam day. Having a plan written out for each day really helped me to focus and discipline myself to keep studying… the chapters on the different sections / question types of the GMAT provided good tips on how to approach these questions… I found 30 Day GMAT Success to be a great supplement to the GMAC-published Official Guides and I would definitely recommend it to others.” – JM

Struggling to find time to study for the GMAT?

Brandon Wu’s ‘30 Day GMAT Success’ might be exactly the right remedy for you.
Devised out of desperation and an impending admissions deadline Brandon developed a highly effective strategy that aimed to;

(a) achieve a high score in
(b) a limited amount of time!

What he discovered was genius – a simple way to create a self-tailored study plan, and THE MOST EFFECTIVE test-taking techniques available.
The result? An incredible score of 780. That put him in the top 1% of all GMAT test-takers!
Eliminate the need to over-study everything and learn way too many strategies. Study smart: cut down your workload, focus on your weakest spots and try these tested techniques today.

What you will not find here is a pointless repetition of practice questions. Practice questions are incredibly valuable but the only ones you need are those official ones published by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). Therefore, to compliment your ‘30 Day GMAT Success’ study guide, we recommend also purchasing ‘The Official Guide for GMAT Review’.