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Retaking the GMAT may not be for everyone. Please read our previous article – “Should I Retake the GMAT?” to decide whether it is wise for you to do so. If you decide it is, good luck and please read on!

So you may not have hit the jackpot first time…

GMAT policy states that you may retake the GMAT once every 31 calendar days. This article assumes that you wish to retake the GMAT either directly after your first attempt (i.e. the following month), or with roughly only a month to study for your second attempt.

30 Day GMAT Success can be used for the purpose of helping you figure out where you went wrong, and what you can do about it in your next attempt.

Please keep in mind that 30 Day GMAT Success was primarily intended for those with no prior experience or knowledge of the GMAT. It was written with the assumption that the GMAT taker has not taken the test before and has a limited time, for whatever reason, to prepare for their first attempt.

However, since many re-takers are unhappy with their scores from their prior attempt(s), a new study strategy might make the difference in securing those extra points you are longing for. With standardized tests such as the GMAT, it is often not content knowledge that is going to put you in the top percentage of takers, but a combination of good content knowledge, great timing strategies, confidence and above all, a study plan which allows you to achieve all of these factors.

30 days

31 days after your first attempt is a good amount of time to take a short rest, reflect on where you went wrong, examine your report card to death and then pick yourself up and give it your best shot. Fortunately you will be able to retain the knowledge from your previous study attempt, so now your goal should be to improve on your weaknesses, timing strategies and test-taking abilities. (Yes, this is a skill in itself that will serve as much purpose as your content knowledge.)

Customizable Study Plan

It is important not to repeat the mistakes of your last study preparations, and whatever did not work for you can be improved upon with a structured study plan such as that found in “30 Day GMAT Success”. Perhaps a customized plan was exactly what you were lacking in your previous attempt. 30 Day GMAT Success can help you to brush up your weak areas, streamline your studies, help you to cover all the necessary material and improve your test-taking confidence.

Tips and Techniques

The customizable plan means that you can spend more time on your weaknesses, and review briefly your stronger areas. You will only be introduced to the few, and best, techniques that are needed, and not tons to confuse and unnerve you on test day.

GMAT Confidence

Don’t let your previous attempt scare you away from the test. Take the bull by the horns and start to look forward to your next attempt. You have had, after all, the best preparation one can get when it comes to the GMAT – a real life experience of it! This next attempt is going to be your chance to shine. 30 Day GMAT Success will teach you how to stay mentally focused and physically prepared for your big test day. Look forward to walking into that test center pumped and ready to beat that thing!