Leap to Success With a Customized Study Plan

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Leap to Your Own GMAT Success with a study plan customized just for you!

I used to tutor GMAT students – smart, intelligent, and studious students. But despite being bright as a star, they still struggled with the GMAT. Why? Because they had no clue how to study for it. Instead of teaching them WHAT to study for the GMAT, I ended up spending most of my time with them on HOW to study for the GMAT.

The GMAT is a test that has pre-defined sections and topics. You know exactly what you will be tested on. If you take a quick walk down to the local bookstore, you will find many GMAT books that tell you what you need to study for the GMAT. Everyone can find plenty of study materials on all the GMAT test subjects. So why do some people score above 700, while others don’t do so well on the test? From my own experience tutoring people on the GMAT, I found that my most successful students all had one common trait – they all had a well thought-out study plan that’s customized for their own needs. In other words, they knew exactly what they were studying every single day, from the day they started preparing for the GMAT to the day they walked into the test center.

Why is having a well thought-out and customized study plan important? Let’s think for a second. Imagine you are a runner competing in the Olympic men’s 100m sprint. Would you wear your uncle Ben’s old pair of shoes that are two sizes bigger than your feet? NO! You will go to a famous running shoe company (Nike, Reebok, Adidas…etc) and ask them to tailor-make a pair of shoes for you. Why? Because you want to be the fastest man alive, the best in the world. And the only way you can do it is by having shoes that fit perfectly with your feet.

Now imagine you are a GMAT test-taker. Wouldn’t you want a study plan that fits perfectly with your own understanding and knowledge of the test?

How are you studying for the GMAT today? Are you reading a GMAT book from the beginning to the end without knowing your own strengths and weaknesses first? Or are you**ready to create a study plan that’s just for you? </strong></a></p>

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