Whitepaper “Dreaming of Business School”

If your dream is to get your MBA and begin that next, exciting phase of your life then you have come to the right place!

The team at ’30 Day GMAT Success’ have written a Whitepaper designed to help make some of your decisions about business school just that little bit easier. And if do decide to make that amazing leap and go to business school, the book ’30 Day GMAT Success’ is a time-efficient, simple and effective way of preparing for the dreaded GMAT test!

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What you will find in the ‘Dreaming of Business School’ Whitepaper:

Weighing Up the Options Business School Basics

Masters vs. MBA – Which one is right for you?

GRE vs. GMAT – Which one should you take?

Early Career MBA vs. Mature Applicants – Is it possible to be too in-experienced or too old for business school?

Types of MBA

Full time

Part time

Distance Learning


$ – Financing – How much does business school really cost?

Programs – Choosing the right business school for you What next? Steps to take next.




The team at ’30 Day GMAT Success’ by Brandon Wu



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