Top 5 GMAT MBA Must-Read Articles, Week of Mar 09, 2012

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Top 5 GMAT MBA Articles

Week of Mar 09, 2012

Too many articles and not enough time? Top 5 GMAT / MBA articles this week, hand-picked by the team here at 30 Day GMAT Success, and delivered directly to your inbox.

1. Networking: How to Write Thank-You Letters A well-timed thank-you letter can help improve your chances of getting into business school by making a favourable impression on the recipient, but make sure that your letter is short, personal, and has a point.

2. GMAT Impact: Integrated Reasoning The integrated reasoning section will be a blend of both the quant and verbal parts of the test. Here is an introduction to this new addition to the GMAT.

3. MBA Applicant: Know Thyself Business school applicants could benefit from reflecting on who they are and how their lives are changing.

4. Symbolism in GMAT Math When GMAT math questions use symbols that students aren’t familiar with, the problems always define these symbols and usually require simple substitution to calculate the answer.

5. What are the criteria for MBA Admission? MBA admissions officers assess candidates based on their academic profile, career progress, leadership portfolio, career goals, and other qualities, such as self-awareness and maturity. Here is a list of the selection criteria to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your profile.

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