The Quick and the Quicker: Improving Your GMAT Score

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 Hey there, future MBA graduates! How are you progressing with the 30 Day GMAT method? What’s that? You say that you haven’t started and you have fewer than 30 days to study? No worries – we have some help for you too! 

Introducing 31 quick and easy tips to improve your score! Inside these Ebooks, you will find useful tips that will (no surprise) help you improve your GMAT score in a very short period of time. For example, do you know the difference between an integer and a number? Do you know that average questions could be posed in one of three ways, but they can all be solved through the same simple formula? How many shortcuts do you know for working data sufficiency questions? Or, consider the verbal section. Do you know immediately how to fix the error when the word “like” is in a sentence correction question? Do you know what the common trap answers are for “explanation” questions on critical reasoning? Do you differentiate between “what” and “why” questions in reading comprehension? This is the type of information you can learn in these books to quickly boost your score between now and test day.

Of course, these books aren’t useful only for people who are taking the GMAT this weekend. They can be used in a number of other ways. If you haven’t even started studying yet and aren’t sure whether you want to follow my 30 Day plan, a shorter plan, or a longer plan, you can use these ebooks to gauge your knowledge. If the information given is obvious to you, you might be able to accelerate your studies. If it makes you feel lost, you might need more time. In addition, you can use these books if you have already followed the 30 Day method but want to recap or test your knowledge. You can review key GMAT concepts to make sure you are ready for test day.

And what’s even better – they are just $1.99 each! Interested? Here’s where to get your own copies:

Amazon: Quantitative and Verbal

Nook: Quantitative and Verbal

Kobo: Quantitative and Verbal

Apple iStore: Coming soon!


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