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You might be wondering;

” GMAT Preparation is a billion dollar industry. How can you compete with the big dogs? What makes ’30 Day GMAT Success’ different?”

Great question. Well, first off, I am not trying to compete with these “big dogs”. I had an incredible GMAT experience, learned a lot from it and surprised even myself. People wanted to hear about it. Students would ask me about my “secrets”. Friends who were sitting on the fence about whether or not to take the GMAT told me that if all it took was really a month of studying they felt like they wanted to try it to. I wanted to share my methods, and that is why the book was born- to communicate my experience and what I discovered.

Additionally, since I appeal to a niche market – those running short of time and only want, or can, study for a month- I don’t see myself as a competitor to the GMAT preparation market as a whole. This, as well as several things make ’30 Day GMAT Success’ “unique’;

1. 30 Days– It is in the title and it is the main premise of the book. 30 Day GMAT Success is GMAT preparation in 30 days. Written for people who find themselves with serious time constraints to study but still want to pass the GMAT and apply for business school as soon as possible. I want people to know that they don’t have to put off business school and their dreams for another year – a great GMAT score can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

2. Customizable – 30 Day GMAT Success is based on a customizable study plan that allows you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and then study based around them. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and recognizing them is the first key to successful preparation. Focusing on your weaknesses and brushing up your strengths is effective preparation.

3. Written by a real-life GMAT taker – not a panel of business professors or academics. The book was not written based on the assumption that these techniques will most likely work – it was written knowing that these techniques worked for me – very well!

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